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Continero is new software and consulting company. Our goal is to elevate your business through modern development practices, which will enable you to work more efficiently and with more stable releases and reliable products.

Check out our customizable products, which can help you create robust automation suites that can run on any platform and ensure the quality of any product.

We also offer consulting services that can shape your development to follow the latest trends and processes.

Our products

Our products are built mostly around providing consulting services, development of custom tools, and enriching our automation framework, which is available for our customers. We have developed Mobile management open source platform to be able to utilize non-virtual mobile devices in our customer’s offices into a Continuous integration process. Together with our Automation framework and newly developer Quality Management Studio, we aim to provide all the necessary tools requiredfor testing and QA under proper agile development methodologies.

Through our automated testing framework you can develop automated front-end and back-end test suites, which are easily integrable and maintained. With our reporting connectors and tools you are able to connect to any test reporting or ticketing systems in order to collect and display test results and recorded test measurements.
Do you need to test browser applications, test your APIs, review correct data in databases or connect to messaging services? This is the framework for you.

 Do you need to develop mobile applications that are reliable and robust? Do they run on Android and Apple OS? You cannot do that without testing your application on mobile devices. But how to manage all those different devices and use them in Continuous development processes? This is where Mobile Manager thrives. It allows you to integrate any mobile device you have in your company and access it through one platform. 

Consulting Services

Our Services

With our services, we aim to assist our customers in many different projects with also trying to provide all necessary tools and knowledge around any aspect of the agile development. Our consulting is not limited to specific technologies. We have many great people with in-depth knowledge of product development and architecture, quality assurance and automation or product planning management and executions.

From our development experiences across a lot of IT companies and implementation of agile and incremental development principles, we can offer you reliable and working strategies how to best implement them in your environment. We have experiences in almost all Continuous integration tools out there, so we can customize any process just for you. 

To our customers, we provide external development services with multiple options to choose from. Our developers have skills in the frontend, backend, and database areas, allowing us to work on all layers of your application. By being skilled at the latest technologies, such as .Net Core, React.js, Docker and others with a strong drive towards agile development methodologies, we can guarantee the best quality for your application. If you’re not interested in renting the whole team, you can use our developers to fill your empty seats, both remote and onsite.

We can help you create automation which increase code quality through automatic per commit builds, run unit tests and functional tests or perform static code analysis. All these will lead to a more stable development environment, code quality and solving issues immediately per each commit. 

Our Mission

To provide the most reliable solutions for our customers.

At Continero, we all come to work every day because we want to solve problems in development on all platforms. There are a lot of challenges in the development lifecycle and when it comes to the automation, it gets even more complex. And this is where we thrive. Our goal is to automate your processes, improve the quality of your development, application quality and automatic deployments.

About us

Our team has lived in multiple development environments. We had the “luck” to work in the old Waterfall world which gave us great insight when we stepped on the agile train and had to rework every process from the waterfall to the new agile way. As this process was slow and in large IT companies it was rolled out slowly team by team, we could observe the advantages and disadvantages in both processes. With the agile came the automation and integration of source control with the continuous integration tools. 

As part of the development teams back then, we saw the benefits of this change and embraced the new possibilities which were not possible before. We help to reshape the development, bring in new ways how to ensure stable coding, improve the quality of our products on all platforms and help the business grow.

So now with all this experience, we formed our company to help you evolve your business, bring the modern processes and tools which will make you more efficient. 

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