Mobile Manager

Developed as an open-source project with one of our partners. After successful deployment and setting up CI/CD pipelines, our customers can benefit from running mobile automation entirely in-house and without the need to rent devices from 3rd parties and sharing the testing time with other companies.

We are currently developing this solely by our company with the focus on building a more robust platform with additionally supported testing frameworks and languages (Appium, XCUITests, and others). We are also experimenting with a new front-end solution build entirely in NetCore 3.0 and Blazor, which is believed to be a new standard in the following years.

Remote management and testing

In-house solution for mobile management


Integration of all your mobile devices into the automation process

Mobile management

Mobile devices are often distributed across multiple teams without proper oversight which might lead to less effective utilization.

We offer an in-house solution for mobile management. You will always know where the specific device is, what team is using it at the moment and also how long a particular user will use it.

Remote management and testing

By using our Mobile Manager website tool, you can work with any connected mobile device without the need for direct access. Remotely you can access any device, issue specific commands or create reservations for testing.

Our goal is to work with the mobile devices in a Continuous integration in a way that you can interconnect Mobile Manager and use it with any Continuous Integration tool or testing framework.

Android & iOS support

Concurrent solutions mostly offer only one mobile operating system which is not the case for Mobile Manager. You can use both mobile operating systems without any drawbacks. Yes, there are few specific dependencies you need to hit at first, but after this initial setup, most of the times you will not spot any difference using our solution.

Using your own devices

Most of the concurrent cloud-based solutions offer to use any of their mobiles for your automation. However, they do not let any of your mobile devices to be part of the automation process. We can incorporate all your mobile devices to work within the automation process in a way that you can use only our solution or integrate it with any other cloud-based solution you might already have.

On-premise and cloud version

Your own devices connected to Mobile Manager and to our own mobile devices that we offer in the cloud version. Mobile Manager can be connected to any other running instance merging the mobile devices with each other. With this, you can use any devices connected to any other Mobile Manager no matter where it is running. 

Using multiple Mobile Manager instances means, that you can connect your company offices and use any device located all over the world.

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