consulting services

Apart from the development of the products we also provide consulting services to our partners and customers. These services cover complete development lifecycle of an application or a complex project.

Integration & delivery

We have experience with a variety of source management tools like Git, Perforce, TFS, GitLab and many others. All these tools can be integrated with other continuous integration tools like TeamCity, Jenkins or Bamboo to form a full continuous development process.

Source control

Our team can help you setup source control which enables you to follow the latest Agile and Continuous integration principles. We can train your developers to use proper Git flow and branching strategies.

Continuous integration & delivery

Our team can help you evaluate your current development processes, identify potential improvements and help you execute them.

Testable software

Successful continuous development starts with proper software implementation. With our help your software will be testable and stable with every release.


If you’re not sure how to set up your CI/CD pipelines, let us help. Using our experience with most used Ci/CD Tools, such as TeamCity, Jenkins, TFS or Bamboo, we will help you reach the desired goal.

Software quality

We can improve your development on every step on the way – from early beginnings by setting up proper Definition of Done for every user story, assisting in making the code unit testable, setting up static code analysis tools and integrating it into your GIT flow. There are many options how to achieve software quality, we can give you few ideas which will improve the overall quality in matter of weeks.

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