Automation Framework

We have created our customizable testing framework in C#, based on the PageObject pattern with detailed logging and the possibility to execute tests in parallel. It’s perfect for the quick introduction of automation into any team or project and brings easy long-term maintenance of functional, integration, and performance testing, with the benefit of a steep learning curve for the users.

Front-end and back-end testing

Customizable testing framework in C#

Integration and performance testing

Creating tests for collecting performance data

Front-end and back-end testing

With our solution, you can automate any user-triggered interaction with the software done by keyboard, mouse, or touch. The framework features image comparison for simple detection of design changes against chosen patterns.

We are supporting UI automation of all most popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari, Opera) in both desktop and mobile versions, both major mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and Win32 and UWP desktop applications on Windows 10 (depends on the application).

The framework also allows interaction with lower layers of the application, use API endpoints (restful, soap) for testing business logic, access data stored in databases (SQL, Entity Framework, MongoDB) and test message brokers like RabbitMQ.

Integration testing

With our framework, it’s easy to implement both synchronous and asynchronous integration between all supported platforms. It does not matter if the applications are all on one device or each on a separate one, your own or 3rd party, everything can be integrated into complex testing scenarios.

Performance testing

Our framework is ready to create tests for collecting performance data about the tested application in several categories. You will be able to monitor long-term changes in behavior from all types of performance tests and have hard data for optimization of your resources and priorities for your business.

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